The 4500 Series design offers builders and architects a very unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial markets. This versatile design is three windows in one: an inward opening casement in the turn position, a secure top venting hopper in the tilt position and a tightly sealed picture window when closed. Commercial AAMA ratings up to 100 can be achieved with these designs. Available in white or clay, this system can also be laminated with solid color or wood-grain foils. Matching doors are also available.

  1. Unique tilt-turn hardware
    Operates in both top-venting and inward-swinging positions
  2. Multiple locking points and dual weather seals
    Provide optimal air and water tightness
  3. Large chambers
    Accommodate reinforcements required for large openings in heavy commercial applications
  4. Accessory groove
    Accepts a variety of accessories such as brickmolds, extension jambs and for profiles to couple window elements
  5. Up to 1 3/8 in (35 mm) glass
    Increases both energy efficiency and acoustical properties (up to STC 43)
  6. 3 1/4 in (83 mm) frame depth
    Allows for hassle-free replacement installation
  7. Frames 3 1/4"
    "North American Frame" in block or nail fin or European frame, 2 3/8" in block frame.