Add to the benefits of uPVC its ability to stand the test of time like no other frame material. When you admire your newly-installed Amerimax window and door designs, know that they will outlast alternative materials while retaining their day-one luster for decades to come.

Verifiable Longevity

A 2006 study conducted by Building Research Establishment, Ltd. found that uPVC windows “have a service life of at least 35 years under normal urban and non-aggressive conditions.” This is 10 years longer than the previously-accepted industry standard of 25 years.1

As a further testament to the durability of our windows, we can point to installations exceeding 50 years in Europe and 30 years in North America.

Looks That Last

One of vinyl’s most remarkable qualities is its ability to resist fading over the lifetime of the product. It resists the impact of solar radiation and other environmental assailants. It does not dent, scratch, flake or peel, and because REHAU profiles have a higher than average surface gloss, your Amerimax windows will retain their sheen and color for many years.

1 Scoping Study: Service life estimation of PVC-U windows, Building Research Establishment, Client Report Number 228-618, Watford, U.K., 2006.