The Amerimax 4500 Series hinged door design is offered as a single sash creating a beautiful main entrance or as a dual sash, also referred to as French doors, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. This versatile door system can be used for patio, deck or balcony access and is a popular choice among designers as an attractive alternative to sliding doors.

Compression-seal Technology

When the wind is blowing strong, the sash is pushed against the compression seals optimizing the air and water performance of the door. This door qualifies for coastal applications even in hurricane-prone areas. Multi-point locking hardware assures consistent compression on the seals all around the perimeter of the sash and frame.

Style Options

Hinged doors can be built as single as well as Atrium or French doors, either inward or outward opening. They can easily be combined with top and side lites or even operable windows, providing the utmost design flexibility.

Low Maintenance

Only occasional cleaning with soap and water is needed to keep the surfaces looking like new, even years after installation. Heavy-duty hinges have passed cycle testing of up to 100,000 opening and closing cycles without any need for adjustments.