The 2200 Series high-performance sliding patio door offers superior operation and thermal efficiency, making it an excellent choice for commercial and residential renovation projects as well as new construction. The system can be delivered as a knock-down kit, is available in white and clay as well as solid color and wood-grain foil options.

Advanced Design Features

The 2200 Series incorporates multiple chambers for increased thermal performance and is robust enough to accommodate triple glazing. These features enable this door to meet today’s stringent energy code requirements as well as the stricter codes being considered for the future.

Quiet and Energy Efficient

With multiple chambers made of naturally insulating uPVC and the latest in sealing technology, this door provides excellent thermal performance while keeping sound transmission to a minimum.


Galvanized steel-reinforced sash profiles are engineered to withstand windloads and to provide strength for hardware fasteners. Internally glazed sashes make it extremely difficult to remove the glass from the outside. Hardware components feature multi-locking and “anti-lift” technology.

Low Maintenance

Our doors withstand even the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance. Only an occasional cleaning with mild detergent is required to keep the frames looking great and only occasional oil maintenance for the locks. The aluminum running track enables continuously smooth, trouble-free operation.