The cost of glazing upgrades to offset the thermal disadvantages of aluminum window frames adds up quickly. To achieve the same thermal performance, vinyl units often have a lower initial cost. Why limit yourself to the minimum thermal performance? A small increase in up-front investment can save on utility costs for years to come. Federal, state and municipal incentives are often available as these jurisdictions initiate efforts to promote energy efficiency and economic stability in building construction. Check with your local authorities to determine what incentives your project may qualify for. You may also contact your Amerimax representative for assistance.

  • This versatile design can be configured into tilt-turn and fixed windows as well as inward and outward opening single entry, french, atrium and bi-fold doors.

  • Amerimax window and doors undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) structural, air and water standards.

  • When you admire your newly-installed Amerimax window and door designs, know that they will outlast alternative materials while retaining their day-one luster for decades to come.